PL-300 Cert = Having Power BI Skills?

I ask because I’ve considered going for the PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification. I’ve taken a few training courses and have become dangerous enough to create and distribute reports in my day job. Obtaining the cert seemed like a logical way to give credibility to my skills… but then I took the Pl-300 practice tests. Ha ha.¬† The results told me that¬† it’s going to take a significant amount of time to pass the exam.

After a recent round of less than stellar results, I doubted that I even knew anything about Power BI. But I quickly silenced that doubt thinking about the reports I’ve published into the real world. Answering certification questions stretches another part of my brain, but not the part of my brain that is used when I model data, create measures, add drill-throughs, or write DAX. The certification is one way to demonstrate knowledge, but isn’t the right fit for me and that’s okay. Shout out the practice exams for helping me realize that!

I’m not anti-certification and may still sit for it, but my time is best invested in actually working in Power BI and building on top of my skills.

(I’ll report back if I sit for the certification. Please share any thoughts or comments if you encountered a similar situation prepping for the cert.)

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