Fussing Instead of Working

I had a chat with everyone’s new best pal, Chat GPT on the topic of “Fussing”.  I’ve been feeling like I’ve been doing a lot of fussing lately and I was curious to see what wisdom Chat had to share since AI is supposed to be coming for everyone’s jobs and I figured it was time to start a friendship with my replacement.

The second definition Chat provided reminded me of all of the research I do when wondering what technique or technology to use when trying to accomplish a goal or task. Especially in cases where I have knowledge/skill/tools in hand that will allow me to accomplish what I’ve set out do.

Sorry self, you are not going to buy that new tablet/pen when you have paper notebooks to use that will accomplish the task at hand. So stop fussing and looking for shiny new technology/tools to justify procrastination.

On another note: Am I concerned that Chat GPT will be coming for my job? Nah or at least not yet. I do get the hand wringing though and click bait headlines,  but a lot of the impressive demos I’ve seen are performed by skilled/knowledgeable people that requires some base knowledge; especially when it comes to coding. The results are impressive, but we’re not quite at that stage of prompting Chat GPT to perform all of my work by asking: “Chat GPT, please complete all my work for the day.” But I do see it as a useful tool and one technology that I’ll fuss with a little bit.

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