Good Intentions, Sunk Costs, and Shipping

As the proud owner of a domain and (hardly) updated site since May 2021, this post has been eight months in the making. The intention behind acquiring a domain/site of my own was to have a place where I could share thoughts, tips, projects, and whatever I felt compelled to. Outside of a few cosmetic changes and small updates, the site has been sitting here collecting internet dust on the big old internet.

Good intentions are great; they’re like little pats on the back telling me I’ve done a great job without much to show (for example, this site for the past eight months). Now that one year has ended and a new one has begun, I’ve decided to mix things up and actually ship something. The costs have been sunk; all of this is paid in full and it’s too late for any refunds. It’s time to a. move forward and ship or b. move forward and let this site collect dust in peace. I’ve decided on “a. move forward and ship. “

With that said, this doesn’t mean I’m becoming a full time blogger or anything. I’m simply trying to ship more of those good intentions out into the real world. Happy 2022!

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