Show Your Work

Showing your work is a valuable skill for any knowledge worker. Demonstrating how you arrived at a result shows understanding and competency. Showing your work says “I’ve done the work and here’s how.” This builds reliability and  trust. Reliability and  trust can give you independence. Showing your work does not mean conclusions reached or decisions

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Absurd Author

Happy New Year 2023 Edition New Year, same me. But that doesn’t mean that changes aren’t happening. Change is a constant. There are changes you can control and others that will happen regardless of how much you try to influence them or not. As I continue to age as a fine barrel aged bourbon stout,

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Fall Back

It’s that time of year where parts of the US rewinds the clock an hour and we get a chance to collectively complain or celebrate getting an extra hour of sleep. (I’m on Team Complain.) Instead of only complaining this year after resetting my microwave clock I thought, “Why don’t you take this day as

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