Is a personal website better than a resume?

Asking for a friend.

Well, friend, the answer to that question is: it depends. I know that’s not the cut and dry answer you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth.

If the purpose of having a personal website is to generate leads for work opportunities, then your site has to compel visitors (ideally potential employers) to contact you for work.

If a future employer discovered your site, would they leave with the impression that you’re the answer to their labor issues? Than maybe you’re on the right track. BUT – don’t think because you have a personal website that you can sit back and watch the job opportunities flood your mailbox. If you’re personal website is a web version of your resume, than maybe you’re better off sticking to the resume to save time and effort.

Yeah, we know resumes are lame. They’re processed by AI or quickly scanned by overworked hiring managers looking for the perfect candidate and hoping the perfect candidates aren’t overstating their skills and experience. But resumes aren’t all bad either; especially if you’re not going to maintain your site.

My intention behind starting this site was to have a place of my own on the web that was not reliant on the resources of social networks. And to have a place where I can share knowledge and explore ideas. My intention behind this blog was to remind my friend (me) to use this site because resumes are lame. 🙂

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